The crew

PCGN is the result of the toil and sweat of many individuals (among which the actual game designers probably toiled the most). However, we’d like to give some shout-outs to a few selected people at PCGN who make it all happen.


Your humble host

Jimmy "Spelpappan" Wilhelmsson

Jimmy “Spelpappan” Wilhelmsson


The genious behind the camera

Anton "Big ol' Lens" Ljungberg

Anton “Big ol’ Lens” Ljungberg


The Public Affairs guy who receives all complaints

Henrik "Know-it-all" Roos

Henrik “Know-it-all” Roos


The master villain who founded it all and oversees this whole mess with a stern face

Natalia "Modesty" Brynte

Natalia “Modesty” Brynte

(oh, we’re just kidding. She’s GREAT!)


The organization she heads



PCGN has left the building.