What is PCGN?

In each episode we invite a special guest from the gaming industry―to talk about a PC game he or she is feeling nostalgic about. All we demand is that the game is “old enough” to be nostalgic about.

‘Cause we thought … hey, games are CULTURE―so why not start a cultural talkshow about classic PC games?


When do you air?

PCGN will premiere on November 13th 2020.


What’s “old enough”, anyway?

Heck, we don’t know. But we have decided that each game must be at least 5 YEARS OLD. And of course, run on a personal computer (yes―Macs, Amigas and Ataris count …)


Ok, cool―so who’s behind PCGN?

Check us out here.


I wanna be on it!

Great―a few things: 1) you have to be working in the gaming industry, and 2) you need to be able to call us up on a STABLE internet connection in order for your face to show up nicely on our Star Trek-inspired mega screen.

4l50, 831ng pHLu3n7 1N 1337 12 4 80Nu2.

If you qualify, feel free to contact us about who you are―and what game you wanna talk about.


Is this the end of the page?

Yes, it is. You are now only one click away from the end of the Internet.